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Clogged Drain Prevention

Love Field Plumbing Company Tips for going green
1)  To avoid clogging drains, use a drain strainer to trap food particles and hair.
2) Collect grease in cans rather than pouring it down the drain.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

Food particles often become trapped in all the little crevices in garbage disposal and kitchen drainpipe. This allows mold and bacteria to grow and create unpleasant odors.
Use one of the following methods at least once a week to keep your drain free of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Method 1: Pour one half cup of baking soda down the kitchen drain. Carefully pour one cup of white vinegar down the drain on top of the baking soda. Place the drain stopper in the sink to close off the drain. The mixture will fizz and make a bit of noise or fizzing sounds. Boil some hot water in a medium size pot while the fizzing action is taking place, then pour it down the drain.

Method 2: Using a clean container, mix a gallon of water with one tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach. Carefully and slowly, pour the solution down the drain and allow it to sit for several minutes. Flush the drain thoroughly with cold water for several minutes.

What to do if your water heater is leaking:

Step#1:  Shut off the water!
There should be a water shut-off valve located at the top of the unit where the cold water enters the tank.  If there is no water shut off valve or it does not completely shut off the water you will need to shut-off the main water feed into the house either at the house emergency cut-offs or at the water meter.

Step #2: Shut off the gas valve where the gas comes out of the wall or turn off the water heater breaker in the main electrical panel for the house.  You will need to verify which breaker serves the water heater.  Hopefully it is marked properly.

Step#3: Connect a garden hose to the drain valve for the water heater.  This valve should be located at or near the bottom of the water heater.  Take the garden hose and place the other end outside.  Open the drain valve to begin letting the water drain from the tank through the garden hose.

Step #4:  Open the T&P  (temperature and pressure)  relief valve which is either located on the top of the tank or on the side near the top.  There is a small metal lever that you can pull open.  Pointing this lever straight out from the valve should hold this valve open.  This will allow air into the tank so the water will drain more quickly from the leaking water heater.

Step#5:  Call Love Field Plumbing!
**Drain the calcium and other foreign matter from your hot water heater annually.

Helpful Water Tips:

When traveling out of town for an extended period of time, shut off the main water service to prevent any unanticipated flooding while your home is unattended. If a house sitter is there, then make sure that he/she knows where the shut off is. If you are on a well, then shut the power off to the pump.

Always keep an eye on your water bill. If your usage increases without more demand, then you may have a need for leak detection. This may prevent flooding in the future. Always remember that small leaks usually turn into big leaks.

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